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Steam TT

Parná lokomotiva rady 434.1 (TT) Parná lokomotiva rady 434.1 (TT)
7 - 30 days
Brand: Jan Cekul Model: ck434-TT
   Stavebnica lokomotivy a tendru rady 516.0 z leptaného plechu obsahuje dekál s popisom a odliatky piesočníkov, komínu a parného dómu. Prestavba na pojazd lokomotivy BR 92...
Steam locomotive 477.0 1st series (TT) Steam locomotive 477.0 1st series (TT)
New on request
Brand: DK-model Model: DK-TT-0102
The kit contains etched parts of the frame and locomotive, boiler casting and other accessories (compressor, sumps, feeders,…), all wheelsets and gears and small parts (brass and plastic tubes and rods) - the kit does not contain the engine, it is ready to fit the Mashima 1020 engine A version witho..
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